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  • Diana


Recommended price per set
11 513 грн.
Model description:
The "Diana" bed is one of the favorite models of our clients. First of all, because of its combination of elegance and comfort. The big advantage of a bed with a soft headboard is the ability to comfortably arrange watching movies before bed, reading a book, or while working on a laptop. This bed will give coziness and comfort for many years. Choose upholstery that will complement your interior: eco-leather matte, eco-leather gloss, velor. High-quality and reliable fabrics from environmentally friendly material.
Soft beds with a lifting mechanism are equipped with a metal frame with slats with a step of 65 mm. Optional offer — a metal framework with lamellas of more frequent step - 25 mm. Non-lifting beds are not equipped with a frame and mattress.
Parameters of bent glued beech lamellas: width 53 mm, thickness 8 mm.
K2 + 7% to the price. K3 + 12% to the price.
Prices are based on fabric category K1.

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