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Miro-Mark furniture enterprise was founded in 1995 and initially specialized in the production of individual custom-made furniture and hardware products. Through continuous improvement of production process and attraction of the most advanced world technologies, small production eventually became one of the most dynamic and successful Ukrainian enterprises in the furniture industry. Today, "Miro-Mark" is a powerful factory, with production areas of over 16,000 square meters and most advanced high-tech equipment.

We were one of the first companies in Ukraine to master the technology of bending MDF boards and painting furniture facades with polyurethane paints, which are wearproof and environmentally friendly. But we do not stand still, as the technology is constantly improving.

Today, we varnish our furniture under a UV light which makes the coating even better and stronger.

Also, for the first time in Ukraine, we have mastered the technology of applying silk-coloured multicolour patterns on the surface of furniture.

But for our success we indebted not only high technologies, but above all - a special relationship with people who use our products. What we value the most is not a price or profit, but the quality and comfort of our product.

In our quite long history, we managed to create a name for ourselves and win well-deserved authority in the domestic market of furniture manufacturers. Miro-Mark has been repeatedly recognized as the winner of various national and international industry competitions and exhibitions.

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