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Craft Oak — Matte Lava

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The set 2,2m includes:
Wardrobe 2 doors; Chest of drawers 1 door 1drawer; Hanger; Poof; Mirror 600×800.
Model description:
Hallway Luna is a real treasure for a housewife who dreams of order in the house. After all, when all things have their place — in everyday life harmony. Despite the fact that the elements of the kit are not oversized, they contain a lot of storage space. An interesting design solution is a pouf with open shelves, where it is convenient to store shoes. And also a hanger with special holders where it is possible to leave already ironed things. The functionality and aesthetics of the set correspond to all the trends of interior design 2021. An additional effect is added by the contrasting colors of the set: Mat Lava and Oak Craft — in reality looks stylish and interesting.
16 mm laminated particle board.
Three-layer high-gloss coating, dried under ultraviolet rays. 16 mm laminated chipboard.
Three-component bearing reinforced telescopic full extension slides; Reinforced hinges with soft closing; Connection of elements by connector (MINIFIX); Aluminum profile handle; Plastic leg covered with satin in the color of the handle; The cabinets use a reinforced microlift (exit hanger).

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