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MiroMark is one of the most successful manufacturers of quality and modern home furniture in Ukraine. For 26 years of experience, we have won the trust of thousands of Ukrainians and Europeans, because we export our products to 23 countries. Today it is a powerful factory, with production areas of over 25,000 square meters. and the most modern high-tech equipment. The factory is a winner of numerous national and international industry competitions and exhibitions. We have hundreds of representatives in most regional centers of Ukraine.

In our range — all home furniture:

  • bedrooms
  • living rooms
  • modular kitchens
  • MDF facades under the order
  • hallwa
  • soft beds
  • wardrobes
  • elite decor collection 

Why is MyroMark about quality and durability?

  1. we paint furniture facades with ecologically safe and wear-resistant polyurethane paints;
  2. we varnish furniture under the influence of ultraviolet rays (UV) thanks to what the paint and varnish covering becomes more qualitative and strong;
  3. we grind facades according to our own unique technology, as a result - the surface remains perfectly smooth, almost mirror.

And we took care of the ease of planning a purchase for our customers. The site has an online configurator, where you can create a 3D project, furnishing rooms of any complexity, taking into account the characteristics of the room and the wishes of the client, such as color, facade, size, fittings, additional services.

We were one of the first Ukrainian productions to master the technology of applying silkscreen multicolor drawings on the surface of furniture. Since 1995, they have grown from a small factory specializing in the individual manufacture of custom furniture to powerful production. Keeping up with the times, improving, attracting advanced technologies in production, and thus managed to strengthen the authority in the domestic furniture market. And the main thing is to win and increase customer trust!

Thousands of people return to their homes, where our furniture creates comfort. The main goal for us always remains — a satisfied customer! That is why, we listen to all your advice and comments, care about the quality and convenience of what we do.

MiroMark — when you want to return home.

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