An incredible new bedroom Raymond from MiroMark in Gloss White - Artisan Oak

An incredible new bedroom Raymond from MiroMark in Gloss White - Artisan Oak

              This set is an instant eye-catcher and attracts with a combination of textures, as well as a high level of
       quality and stylish design.

Gloss White - Artisan Oak creates color harmony, where the textures exquisitely complement
each other. The bedroom is perfect for a small room, because it has a light color scheme visually expands the room.
The set includes a bed with a soft headboard and stylish modern design, which will become the main accent of the bedroom. It attracts with its sophistication and convenience.
At the base of the bed there are pull-out drawers, which you will need for quick access to personal things, and it is also very convenient to store bed linen and blankets there.
We recommend to put a bedside table next to the bed, which will not only complement the interior, but will also serve as an assistant for organizing order in the room.
The Raymond chest of drawers is small compared to a wardrobe, it contains three drawers, but its compactness allows you to conveniently fold laundry and keep things you need close at
hand. Concerning wardrobe, we are sure that it is a real find for modern housewives. Thanks to its functionality and stylish design, it can replace your complete dressing room. With 4
doors and 2 drawers, it will provide enough space to store your clothes, shoes and accessories. At the same time, mirror doors add visual space to the room and make it brighter.

Comfortable, stylish and high-quality - this combination is possible! And embodied in bedroom Raymond.
The bedroom is also available for sale in a dark color scheme - Artisan Oak - Mat Anthracite.
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Estimated date of sale 03.07.2023

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