We present a new product from MiroMark — Teddy bedroom in Artisan Oak color.

We present a new product from MiroMark — Teddy bedroom in Artisan Oak color.

                           Oak Artisan is a color of warmth and a natural shade of wood that will create an atmosphere
              of coziness and harmony in your bedroom.

The central element of the set is a bed with pull-out shelves, which allows you to use the space as efficiently as possible. You will be able to store a variety of clothes, blankets, bed linen and
things you need at hand, thanks easy and quick sliding out drawer. The soft brown headboard is a stylish accent that contrasts beautifully with the Artisan Oak wood tone. It adds elegance
and modernity to the bedroom, creating comfort for your rest.

We recommend purchasing a Teddy bedside table with three drawers along with the bed, which will complement the functionality and convenience of your bedroom. You will be able to
store your personal belongings and relax in bed with everything you need at hand.

A large 4-door wardrobe with a mirrored door in the middle adds functionality to the Teddy bedroom set. You will be able to compactly organize outerwear, suits or shoes, as well as
enjoy the practicality of mirrors, which add visual spaciousness and light to the room. A mirror in the bedroom is very convenient, because you can try on clothes right next to the closet.

The chest of drawers with a minimalist handle has four drawers, providing additional storage space. Its universal design and smooth lines complement the general look of the collection,
creating a harmonious interior.

Teddy's bedroom in Artisan Oak embodies a combination of style, functionality and coziness. It will be a perfect choice for those who value quality, aesthetics and comfort in their recreation

Estimated date of sale 5.07.2023

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