New soft beds from MiroMark!

New soft beds from MiroMark!

New soft beds from MiroMark!
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We present four new models with a unique design at once. Modern, comfortable and stylish options for your
bedroom. All options are presented with and without a lifting mechanism 1.4m, 1.6 m and 1.8 m wide. You can
choose the best fabric and color option from our wide palette, which includes more than a hundred shades.


A stylish model with a laconic design that impresses with its simplicity and elegance. Straight seam along
the perimeter of the corners, completely soft upholstery of the headboard will add comfort and coziness to
your sleeping space. By the way, a feature of this model is the width of the headboard, which extends
beyond the bed base.
We offer two sizes of the Duo bed: 1.6 m and 1.8 m. You can also choose a version with a lifting
mechanism, which will allow you to conveniently store your things under the bed, or a version without a
lifting mechanism.
Soft bed Duo can be made of any material to choose from our wide palette. Velor, textile, microfiber, eco-
leather or the new chenille — choose the material that best complements the interior of the bedroom.


With the soft Nikole bed, you will enjoy the highest level of comfort in your home. The novelty attracts
attention with its stylish appearance, simplicity and comfort of use. The unique design of the headboard,
geometric symmetry and compact dimensions make it a great option for any bedroom.
A thin and high headboard gives the Nikole bed aesthetic charm, combines style, functionality and
aesthetics. It was created for those who are looking for quality, convenience and simplicity in one model.

Choose the Nikole bed and enjoy!

Amelia — stylish new product from MiroMark!
Laconic and comfortable bed model with solid soft headboard. Amelia is like a cloud that will hug you to a
dream and comfortable rest. With the design of such a bed, it is very easy to design the interior of the room
in a variety of styles. You can experiment or create minimalism in the bedroom.
The Amelia model does not have any extra details, the distinct features are a low headboard with rounded
corners. Stylish and modern solution of MiroMark designers!
Accents can be added by choosing the material and color of the bed. The palette of materials for upholstered
beds from MiroMark has more than a hundred options, among which you will definitely find the one that
will emphasize the taste of the owner and give the bed charm.
The Amelia sample is presented in a new category 3 fabric - chenille. This is a soft, fluffy fabric that has a
delicate texture and shine. It gives the bed a luxurious look and creates a feeling of home comfort. 


The Riviera bed with a soft headboard and a carriage screed is an ideal choice for the bedroom.
It combines aesthetic design with practicality. The high headboard allows you to sit comfortably, for
example, reading a book before going to bed. A convenient lifting mechanism on shock absorbers ensures
smooth and silent raising, lowering and holding of the metal insert with the mattress. Under it is a niche for
storing bed linen and seasonal clothes.
Besides that, you have a wide choice of colors among the palette of materials from MiroMark, more than a
hundred options. The bed is available to order in the size of 1.6 and 1.8 m with and without a lifting

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