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Gloss White - Matte Black

Recommended price per set
21 998 грн.
Sideboard with 2 doors; Sideboard with 1 doors; RTV; Comode 2.0; Mirror 1000x800.
Model description:
The combination of black and white gloss, minimalist design, static shape and dynamic pattern - all this characterizes the modular Terra system. The ornament in the form of chaotic lines is the main accent of the set. The set has a large selection of items made in one style and a single color, so you can easily choose an individual set for the living room.
Three-layer high-gloss coating, dried under ultraviolet rays. The laminated chipboard of 18 mm.
Laminated chipboard 16 mm.
Two types of handle: plastic and aluminum profile black color; Three-component bearing reinforced telescopic full extension slides; Reinforced hinges; Metal anti-sliding shelf holders; holders for glass with silicone connector; Connection of elements by connector (MINIFIX).

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