• Tommy вітальня Дуб Артізан
  • Tommy вітальня Дуб Артізан


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We present a new living room from the furniture producer Miro Mark. An incredible combination of style and quality is the Tommy collection in Artisan Oak color. Feel the reflection of nature in every detail of this living room. Using the highest level of technology, we have brought to life the unique beauty and perfection of the oak tree. The facades of the living room in combination with all the accessories will give the room an elegant and natural charm. The "Oak Artisan" texture not only creates a feeling of the most natural environment, but is also distinguished by its strength and durability. Miro Mark furniture is made of quality materials, so you can be sure that with proper use and care, the living room will keep its first-class appearance for many years. The set includes: TV stand, chest of drawers 1.6 m and 2.0 m, case with two drawers and open shelves, wall shelf, compact coffee table. Living room with "Oak Artisan" texture is an ideal choice for those who value quality, aesthetics and sophistication. Create your own unique space that reflects your personality and unrivaled taste with a new living room from our furniture manufacturer.

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