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Gloss White

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New! Family living room in modern style There is no doubt that Family is the largest modular system produced by MiroMark. A wide selection of elements in the bedroom and wardrobe series, and now MiroMark presents the living room collection. Family is about style and comfort, brevity and coziness. A collection where each element is appropriate and complements other elements. Modern design of the living room with neat lines and pronounced accessories. A wide chrome handle that is both stylish and comfortable to use. Choose the Family living room if you value space in your house or apartment, because the white gloss will give the living room a feeling of lightness - it is a win-win option for any interior. We use only high-quality materials for production. The furniture is made of high-class chipboard: the body is laminated chipboard, the facades are glossy chipboard. Rest assured, MiroMark furniture will remain with you in its best form for many years. By the way, we offer interesting options for combining all series of Family modular systems, because modern interiors have no restrictions in the rules. Therefore, you can safely mix elements of furniture for the living room together with elements of the Family bedroom. Create your unique combination of furniture together with MiroMark.

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