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The start date of the living room sales will be announced later.
Pencil case 2 doors; Pencil case 1doors; TV stand; Chest of drawers 2 doors.
Model description:
The name of the living room speaks for itself — Modern is a godsend for creating a trendy interior in 2021. White gloss is a universal option for arranging a dream living room, because it allows you to experiment with styles and accents in the room. Our new product will be an excellent option for a minimalist design in pastel colors or for a living room in a contrasting color scheme. Straight and clear lines on the facades, LED-lighting in blue and open glass windows add the coziness of the set, creating an interesting design of the room. The blue backlight stands out against the white and adds a welcome kit effect, and can replace a night light in the evening. The modules are spacious and functional, because each of them has enough storage space. For example, dishes or decor.
16 mm laminated particle board.
Three-layer high-gloss coating, dried under ultraviolet rays. 16 mm laminated chipboard.
Blue LED-backlight; Connecting parts using an eccentric coupler (MINIFIX); High strength curtain.

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