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4doors cupboard, 4doors comode, Mirror, Dining table, 4 chairs.
Model description:
Premium living room Chicago from designers MiroMark - a luxurious collection in a classic style. It is made in three colors: ruby ​​feather, white gloss and beige radish. In each of them the living room looks very impressive and in its own way elegant. Silk-screen printing on facades in the form of a flower ornament is perfectly combined with an overhead decor. These details add a set of charm that will decorate your living room for many years, because the classics are always relevant. And warm meetings at the Chicago dinner table will bring maximum pleasure, your guests will be delighted!
Laminated chipboard 18 mm.
Three-layer high-gloss coating, dried under ultraviolet rays. The laminated chipboard of 18 mm, MDF plate 22 mm.
Three types of metal handles – single and double with screws (M4), covered as gold and round colored as silver with crystals; Three-component bearing reinforced telescopic full extension slides; Reinforced hinges; Metal anti-sliding shelf holders; holders for glass with silicone connector; Connection of elements by connector (MINIFIX).

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