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Box Color

Oak Wotan / Gloss Clay Grey

Recommended price per set
6 948 грн.
Prices are given for a set BOX COLOR TV2
It is possible to buy a model set, taking into account individual dimensions.
Model description:
The combination of the texture of Oak Wotan and Gloss Clay Gray conveys comfort, simplicity and naturalness. And although the modules in white and black gloss are very popular, the experiment with the new design was clearly a success. Box Color in a modern and original style is perfect for both apartments and private homes, salons or offices. The TV stand can comfortably accommodate a TV of any size and other decor. There are really a lot of interior design options. You can place the modules in any order by combining Box Color with Box collections, and thus create your own unique combination. Thanks to the Push to Open opening mechanism, there are no accessories in the living room at all. All facades are opened by light pressing.
Three-layer high-gloss coating, dried under ultraviolet rays. The laminated chipboard of 16 mm.
The laminated chipboard of 16 mm.
Mechanism Push to Open; Lifting mechanism for facade Raund; Connection of elements by connector (MINIFIX); Basic set of horizontal sections and TV stands with cross-section connectors; The shock-absorber gas lower in TV stands; The suspension is adjustable for the hanging sections; Universal hooks for fastening to any material.

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