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Recommended price per set
13 158 грн.
Set 2,0m includes:
Upper section 60U/720; Upper section 60V/360; Upper section 80U/720; Lower section 60L 3D/820; Lower section 60LO/820; Lower section 80LW/820; Base plate.
Set 2,6m includes:
Standard 2.0m + Upper section 60U/720; Lower section 60L/820; Baseband with fasteners.
Available colors: - White.
Model description:
The Millennium kitchen is a modern and concise set that will become a favorite place in your home. Painted facades with a milled handle on a glossy facade look modern and stylish. With white gloss, your kitchen will look visually wider and brighter. In addition, all versions of white are universal and go well with all other colors. As for the black gloss, such a room will look very impressive and due to the reflections the facades give the space additional depth and volume.
Laminated chipboard 16mm
MDF 19mm
There is an opportunity to buy facade parts separately, which allows you to choose and model the kitchen as you wish.
Three-component ball-point telescopic guides full of bumps. Аdjustable suspension.

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