Catalog 2021. Changes and novelties in living rooms

Catalog 2021. Changes and novelties in living rooms

What's new in the 2021 catalog?

1. Living room Box Color

The combination of the texture of Oak Wotan and Gloss Clay Gray conveys comfort, simplicity and naturalness. And although the modules in white and black gloss are very popular, the experiment with the new design was clearly a success. Box Color in a modern and original style is perfect for both apartments and private homes, salons or offices. The TV stand can comfortably accommodate a TV of any size and other decor. There are really a lot of interior design options. You can place the modules in any order, combining Box Color with the Box collection in black and white, and thus create your own unique combination.Thanks to the Push to Open opening mechanism, there are no accessories in the living room at all. All facades are opened by light pressing. 

2. Living room Modern

The name of the living room speaks for itself — Modern is a godsend for creating a trendy interior in 2021. White gloss is a universal option for arranging a dream living room, because it allows you to experiment with styles and accents in the room. Our new product will be an excellent option for a minimalist design in pastel colors or for a living room in a contrasting color scheme. Straight and clear lines on the facades, LED-lighting in blue and open glass windows add the coziness of the set, creating an interesting design of the room. The blue backlight stands out against the white and adds a welcome kit effect, and can replace a night light in the evening. The modules are spacious and functional, because each of them has enough storage space. For example, dishes or decor.

3. Living room Luna

Current modern style, a combination of interesting shades and accents on transparent windows — the main advantages of the living room Luna.
A successful combination of contrasting colors Matt Lava and Oak Craft will emphasize the original design of your modern apartment. In addition, all elements are functional, because each module has enough space to store things. For example, dishes or decor. Depending on the size of the room, you can choose a sideboard of appropriate dimensions.

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We will remind that earlier the factory removed from production mirrors from congratulatory sets:

  • MIRROR 1000x800 Asti
  • MIRROR 1200x800 Asti
  • MIRROR 1000x800 Viola
  • MIRROR 1000x800 Roma
  • MIRROR 1200x800 Roma
  • MIRROR 1000x800 Terra

The start date of living room sales will be announced later.

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